• VenomRealmCreepyPastas


    December 14, 2013 by VenomRealmCreepyPastas

    Lol hai guys. I'm not really working on anything right now, I'm basically achievment hunting soooo yeah!


    DIE (insert hyper realistic scream and hyper realistic blood here)

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  • VenomRealmCreepyPastas


    August 28, 2013 by VenomRealmCreepyPastas

    Hello All. Currently working on a creepypasta! It will be a Minecraft Related Creepypasta. Sorry but it has nothing to do with Herobrine. Thats over cliched. I mean like, when someone sees something weird in Minecraft they say: "HEROBRINE O_O" I mean it could be something else. 

    Oh by the way, I'm changing might change my name from VRCP to FRCP replacing Venom with Frost. I just like cold stuff like ice and cold colours like blue, just some personal things. Everyone keep writing! I will too. This place needs like a lot more Creepypastas!

    Well Goodbai Fro nao!

    (for now)

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  • VenomRealmCreepyPastas


    August 16, 2013 by VenomRealmCreepyPastas

    16/08/2013: currently working on some ideas for creepypastas. Probably going to do collabs soon, I want to make a minecraft creepypasta with some videos, because I have recording software for minecraft and pro architecture skills... I wanted to make it related to the nether or something. Currently, at the time being, we are thinking of ideas for a mothman related collab creepypasta there is currently a team of 4. I'm not aloud to reveal anything else soooo yeah!

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