I found out that there has been some trouble with my family and I wasn't made aware of this until a week after the fact. My great grandmother had a nasty fall and broke her arm in two places and her hip, on top of having a bloodclot in her stint for dialysis that she had to have surgery for. Currently she is in a rehabilitation clinic, but from the sounds of it things are worse than what I'm being told. Very likely I feel I will be losing someone important from my life. To make matters worse her son has seemingly taken it upon himself to purposefully keep myself and my mother in the dark of what's going on in the life of my great grandmother. He treats the whole scenario as a burden on him and cares not about his own damn mother!!! Sigh Regardless, I needed to post an update. I've not been a happy person since discovering this, and I think in the next week or two I'll be flying back to WA to say my goodbyes and likely sent to jail for assaulting my great uncle for being an asshat. I've been drinking lately and am not happy that I've been turning to that to help take the edge of reality as it stands. Finances are gonna be tighter on me, especially if I end up going home and my uncle decided to get rid of my great grandmother's car and apartment that I would need access to when I get there. So many fucking factors. So much bullshit. Wish I didn't care but yet I do. Death, or at least the likely onset of it, is part of life, and it would be selfish to ever want someone who has already lived a long life to live longer so that I can rest easier. I know she is unhappy being confined to a chair and having to be stripped of independence. I have a feeling that she will just waste away in the rehab center...

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