Got a call from the Shipping and Recieving manager, said he wouldn't have an answer for me about whether or not I get the job until monday. Ugh...

On top of that I found out that the hiring process takes a few weeks to boot, since I'd need to get a nongaming licsence for working in a casino on top of taking a stupid class for a food handler's card, plus a piss test, plus background check with the FBI. Fun right?

And all for the chance to get a part time job that may or may not become full time.

Anyway only thing new is Chrono Trigger. Playing that and Mother 3, though playing an non Mother series RPG has shown me how boring the combat systems are in comparison...I swear Earthbound and Mother 3 have spoiled me as a gamer now. Granted however I'm falling in love with Chrono Trigger...

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