It doesn't take much to see I am like most of this bipedal race of hairless apes called man in that I am weak. We're all weak, regardless of where we stand in caste or stature. Each of us has vices, desires, fears, ambitions, doubts, nightmares, dreams and even thoughts, which invariably in one shape or another drive us to something we are not conciously aware of. Through these scruples we unknowingly corral our lives in some semblance of a direction following a flow that may or may not take us where we belong.

I have reached a point in my life where I have come to realize that, perhaps, I should plant my feet and not abide the whims of the "great magnet" which drives us all. Perhaps, I thought, it is time I see what happens when I walk upstream rather than be carried down it.

With that Hunter Thompson-esk rhetoric out of my system (for now) I wanted to go on record about what was happening with the Anthology and the next story. Well, the next one is, oddly enough, a sequel to a story of mine you already (may) have read (unlikely). I won't spoil anything here, but needless to say, this next story will be the longest (for the anthology). What's it called? Not telling yet.

Then what's the point of this blog?'s not so much to spur interest as it is for me to sort of sharpen my teeth and let my thoughts freely spill while brainstorming. Don't be mistaken, however, this is an announcement of the next story in the series, but I'm keeping details (including the name) under wraps for fear of spoilers, despite there is only like, what, 3 people who read my shit anyway...

Regardless, there is no real point to this outside of a clever little way to shamelessly plug future installments of this anthology which I doubt anybody will read on here or DeviantArt. Still, if there is any chance or hope of me gaining recognition, I suppose the age old tactic of shamelessly whoring my work is my only shot.

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