So as I feared, the moment I have some extra time to start devoting to writing again I find myself busy. What's new? For starters my co-worker is on a 2 week long vacation, meaning that I have to cover his shift. I knew this well in advanced, and was quite happy for the extra hours and money. Buuuuuut suddenly something compounded this situation. My other co-worker who works for F&B (food and beverage) in my warehouse just had a death in the family, and had to go all the way to New York for a week or so, leaving me literally the only person to work warehouse in any capacity. My supervisor can't receive (which is BS because he's a fucking shipping and receiving supervisor he should be able to do one AND the other!) and will be attending several lengthy meetings during the busier days of the week. Compound this further with the fact that the damned beer storage cooler has broken down again, meaning I have to move a majority of it into another cooler while moving the food into a refrigerated truck for gods know how long because the HVAC team in the casino I work in are useless. I've come home tired and barely able to think, so being able to write or have energy to do much of anything has been the cause of why I haven't posted lately or gone on chat. Plus Wednesday nights are my Pathfinder RPG night and I spend my weekends catching up on my housework I was too tired to do during the week. That's where I'm at folks.

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