Since sleep seems to be avoiding me tonight, I've decided to give a status report on what's going on with me, like why I haven't been on as much or why I haven't written anything new.

Sad to say my talent is...fickle. See, for whatever reason, my artistic talents come and go like the tide, and usually at unpredictable intervals. Writing breaks seem to last short spurts because once I get into a rant or something that requires me to go all out with the typing skills, I get back in the habit. My drawing skills are more based on environment and how bad my carpeltunnel is doing.

Alas, as of late things have been, oh let's just say, strained. My dog Tasha last week started acting very strangely and since has shown signs that she either has or will be having seizures in the near future. I didn't handle this very well at the start of the week as animal death is not something I cope will well, but since have gotten better. She seems to be improving a bit but is still acting abnormal for her and the change in her personality and routine is unsettling (and a tad invasive).

Home life is still what it is and sadly no work yet. the thought of going to school still scares me because I don't know what I'm cut out for and don't like the idea of being in debt in an economy where jobs are nonexistant. Finances around here will begin to grow tighter as my grandmother has finally decided to begin looking for work and new place to live out in California (gods know why but whatever) so all of the finances on her place will eventually be shifted to us.

My muse is either on vacation or she is being a bitch, so honestly I can't give an update on the next writing project or addition to my Anthology. All that I ask is that you guys continue your support with votes, comments and private messages to me. Also, I hate an amazing margarita with dinner, smoothest I've ever had (thank the gods for Chili's)

That's really all that's new. I think that I'll get back into writing erotica which I'll put up on DA to help get back into the swing of writing, but we'll see.

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