Alright. Time for an update...

Let's begin. Yesterday afternoon I recieved the long awaited call telling me that I am now hired for Shipping and Recieving at the Blue Water Casino. Strangely, though, I was not as happy to hear the news as I should have, but I am happy to at long last have a job.

Since the weather has been cooling down I have been going on walks at night to get some of the lazy off, and last night during my walk I decided to see how much money I had left in my account only to discover I had about 7 bucks. Since the night was relatively early I decided to head to a bar and buy myself a drink, y'know as a personal congrats and whatnot.

And things went...interesting.

The drink I ordered (jack n coke btw) was made like a friggin double or even tripple shot, so it wasn't as easy to drink as normal. On top of that it was, unbeknownst to me, half off on all drinks AND kareoke night. One singer was fine though the soundsystem there is shit and there was so much feedback it made her sound bad. Then the owner of the bar started singing and my gods that was hard to sit through.

THEN out of the goodness of her heart the bartender gave me a second jack n coke on the house, just as strong. So in less than an hour I consumed roughly 4-6 shots of whiskey in my drink...

So yeah I had to wait half an hour to be remotely sober enough to walk home and not feel like my legs had no support, proceeded to eat 2 slices of cold pizza, then went to bed whereupon I had fucked up dreams in between waking up every 2 hours.

Then 6 am rolled around and I had to go to the casino to fill out forms, take a piss test, then go home. I have learned the overall hiring process will take a month, give or take. A week to wait for piss results, another few weeks for a tribal gaming licsence...yeah more waiting. Oh and somewhere in between I should get a new food handler's card for this state...and new driver's licsence...

but yeah that's it.

By the way where the fuck is everybody? Did all the old mods and admins up and leave SOG? Are you guys busy with GTAV or something? Lemme know.

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