Still no word on the new job. According to my inside informantion the guy who interviewed me is up to his neck with bullshit and isn't very good at managing time and such. Additionally he is having trouble looking for information about a "Do-Not-Compete-Clause" because I had previously worked in a tribal casino in Washington, non gaming mind you, but still had to sign a form stating I couldn't work at another tribal casino after X amount of time. It has been over a year since I left Skagit, but still last thing I want to deal with is a bunch of bullshit Native American politcs (or any politics for that matter)

Last few days have been interesting. My grandmother has become addicted to the HBO show True Blood (thanks mom...) and she dropped about 80 bucks on the first 3 seasons because she can't be patient for Netflix. Granted it's a good show but my gods on Sunday we had a 9 hour marathon of watching almost all of the second season. I had to leave and miss 3 episodes but I couldn't take it. I don't want to be burned out on a show that is interesting...

Also on a side note grabbed for a dollar the complete Jackass DVD collection of the TV series, which when I watch it takes me back to a younger, more nihilistic time in my life where my friends and I would watch this show, hit each other in the nuts, beat each other with wiffle bats and walk around late at night laughing like dumbasses at nothing. Sure it's mindless and a dumb show, but sometimes just watching people do stupid shit dredges up some good nostalgia and makes you want to go back to that time to just relive those fun moments, even if you yourself were the punching bag or butt of the jokes. *sigh*

Stuck in a spot in Chrono Trigger and I've sworn to not use a walkthrough on this (yes I have been for Mother 3 but that's because the game is so linear I don't want to miss some much needed items or whatnot). Still not used to the play style but then again I haven't played a more traditional RPG like that since the last time I played...I think FFX, maybe? I dunno.

Been walking every other night depending on my mood (and this damn blister that won't go away grrrr) since the nights are much cooler. I walk along the main drag of town and often people watch the bar crowds and late night assholes. I wish I lived a bit out of town because the stars at night here are great to watch. Plus I have found that Arizona night skies are perfect for UFO watching :P

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