I see in my long absence things have changed, whether for good or ill. I apologize to those I left behind on short notice, but between a new job, family bullshit and losing interest in a number of videos Mutahar put up, I seldom had time to come back and think up new stuff. But here I am, once more, with good news.

As of now I'm between a couple projects, of which they (hopefully) will garner me some attention in the writing community and get my name out there once I get the manuscript ready. I won't say much on here since the story really isn't anything creepypasta worthy outside the fact I'm gonna be taking some very familiar tropes of mine and integrating them into the new project.

However, to help with me getting into the swing of writing something more...unusual, I've taken to reading John Dies At The End and have suddenly been inspired for a short creepypasta. I plan to get something written soon and put up here afterwards so be patient.

Anyway as for these projects that are eating my freetime, I'm helping an old friend with a writing project of his own and serving as advisor and editor for this little...lets call it an elaborate crime story of sorts. My project is something that's been buzzing in my mind like a damn insect and refuses to quiet down!

If you're curious what that personal project is I recommend checking out my DeviantArt that has a sample of what I'm doing. The plan is (with any hope) to get the first manuscript done and sent to a writing competition that could win me a chance to make some money and go to a big author's conference where I could meet some editors!

Fingers crossed.

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