So yeah, I've been MIA for...months.

And yes, I know I put up a blog saying I'd be back on more often and that didn't quite play out right, but allow me to explain. I was fighting a serious writers block where I was fixated on another story but had no idea how to invest energy into making it happen, and so my focus was entirely on it than writing creepypasta.

I'm not going to lie, I had forgotten about this site, mainly because I felt my work wasn't getting the love it deserved. Ultimately what brought me back was watching the new "ritual" pasta craze, and decided to toss my hat back in the ring with a quasi-real ritual I had procured from sources best left undisclosed.

And that new pasta WASN'T a one time deal with me. I am back and I've got some dark and fucked up tales for you folks. In the works is a pasta based on a real-life event, a gaming pasta (le gasp! Viking is doing a gaming pasta!?) and another ritual pasta that I think anybody is capable of doing with the right mindset (as in totally out of their fucking minds mind set).

I'm not planning on releasing these things on a schedule as I've come to realize my talents fluctuate like the tides and come and go as they please, so when the juices are flowing (oooohhh myyyyyyyyy) I plan on letting them gush everywhere. It will be a bukkake of horror in all your faces baby!

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