As I sit here dwelling on yet another anime series complete, I can't help but wonder what this new feeling is. For the last month or so I've been hunting down online videos of Hellsing Ultimate, and earlier tonight had watched episodes 6-10, finishing the OVA series. By the end of this well made and ultra violent series, I was left with a sense of bewilderment...

How many anime series I have watched and completed I cannot say, but something about finishing Hellsing Ultimate has left me somewhat hallow. Hallow not in the sense that I want more, but hallow in that I feel like there is nothing like it to feed the void.

So much good anime I've seen this year. The DragonBall Z Battle of the Gods movie was quite good, and I'm interested in the new series poised to DESTROY any remnants of that abortion called GT. The Pokemon: The Origins OVA was without a doubt one of the best OVA series I've seen in years, bar none. I cringe that I have found entertainment in such a dumb and boring anime like Lucky Star! The Melencholy of Haruhi whatever-her-name-is doesn't hold my interest. And if I rewatch AMV Hell series again this month I'm going to kill myself (not really).

But finishing Hellsing Ultimate has left me...well yearning. For what I cannot say...

I remember when I first finished DBZ and feeling satisfied that its done, and (as a kid) wondering how GT would be (that was soul crushing btw). Read or Die the TV's ending wasn't satisfying and left my imagination working to make it better by adding different characters and conclusions that should have been rather than not. Gurren Lagann...blew my fucking mind. Neon Genesis Evangelion left me both angry and enlightened (this is not counting either of the movies). YuYu Hakusho had left me wishing for that catchy theme song to come on every night. Yet here now, for the first time, do I feel as if that something is missing from finishing a series that, frankly, ended without cliffhanger or unanswered questions. Its done!

So what the fuck am I wanting from this?

Is it because it didn't leave some great intellectual or spiritual impact on me? Did I not have any connection to the characters or their plight? Of course I did. I laughed when it was funny, smiled evily as violence ensued, and cried inside as I witnessed some of the dark and traumatizing pasts of said characters (Seriously, Seras' childhood more fucked than anything I've seen...). So why am I left wanting something? Is there an answer I didn't get?

Seems like everything was presented and accounted for...I mean it would be nice to know why Integra didn't ever go on to continue her blood line, but honestly I can't see her in that role anyway... There was nothing i hated about the OVAs...But something is missing...


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