What are you afraid of? What horrors send chills down your spine in the dark of night, the monsters which skulk in your closet and under your bed and the skeletons that wait in your closet? We all have fear of something, it's only naturally since (most of us) are human.

All humans have phobias, whether from snakes, spiders, public speaking, great heights, or simply of the dark. But that's not the question I'm posing here to all my friends on SOGWiki.

What scares you?

Not what makes you jump (like spiders or creepy crawlies) or anything like that, but what scares you the most? What was the boogieman of your youth? What image of horror is ingrained in your mind's eye to where in the dark of night if you look in a shadowy corner you would almost see that image manifest itself?

Pazuzu from the 1970's film "The Exorcist"

To me, my greatest fear, in terms of a boogieman, would have to be the face of Pazuzu from The Exorcist, shown here. I remember as a kid seeing this face and it terrified me, simply because of how stark and grotesque it was. This was the face you expected lurking under the bed at night, or waiting to pop up from behind the door, or lurking over your shoulder when you look in the bathroom mirror.

But what about that scares me still?

The idea that, somewhere in our world, there are forces that we cannot comprehend, and that they have power over us where we have little against them.

As a spiritualist, pagan, philosopher and scholar of the esoteric, the idea of having some force (regardless of religious backgrounds) invade your life and play with it as if you were a puppet and it was the master. Something that cannot be seen but felt, something with no substance yet can do you physical harm, can fill a room with dread when all the lights are on.

These kinds of forces are scary, because what we as humans can do against them is negligable at best. Exorcism, the most common form of ridding one's self of invasive spirits, isn't about invoking the power of a godhead or it's servants, rather, an empowerment of the will to stand against the oppressive forces and deny it power over you. Like facing a bully, you stand up to it, challenge it directily, and never allow yourself to succumb to it's attempts at dominating your will.

But humans, we have frail willpower, and it is very easy to break. And to strengthen it is even harder.

Anyway back to the point of this blog. What scares you? Why does it scare you? When did you discover this fear? Lemme know in the comments kids.

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