aka Morgan Black.

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  • I live in Medway, UK.
  • I was born on September 23
  • My occupation is Horizon racing in France and Italy~! And using my electronic beats to make a revolution.
  • I am Male with a touch of metal.
  • WildViper009

    Also, an apology.

    September 11, 2015 by WildViper009

    Hello guys, it's me, Viper. Things aren't on the good side, so I'll explain myself.

    I am always watching chat on Skype, but I barely talk there. Just do "." to keep in check, or "o3o", but I do come across a debate, which I don't agree on, by fair enough, I would have a say. Watching Meds and his behaviour, I see what he says is extraordinary by human standards, but I respect the guy. He has a lot of weight on his shoulders, and he's trying to ease it off with jokingly racist comments; I agree it hurts, but I can't let him go. Another thing, I don't like being the bad guy here. If I see things I just dislike, which seem insulting, I would have had a bit of a strop about it, and then consult. In which I apologize; I got to fix that.

    Another t…

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  • WildViper009

    Yep, going to France~ my activity is gonna drop a shit ton until the holiday ends. See yas~

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  • WildViper009

    Alright guys and gals, there were reasons why I was inactive. 

    1: My internet is HORRIBRU!

    2: FireFox failed me. ;-;

    3: Pokemon Showdown! 'Nuff said.

    4: Real life struggles.

    5: Lookin' for new school.


    SO, there ya go. I promise to come back to contributing like usual, even though I might not be able to trust Google Chrome, but whatever. I'm back!

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  • WildViper009

    What to say...

    April 29, 2014 by WildViper009

    It's been dificult... to say. What do you think I have become, guys and gals? Have I become more jerky? Aggitated? Difficult to control?

    I say, possibly all three. If no one has an idea what turned me, it's to do with school. It sucks, and it has been stressing me out.

    I apologise if I am getting mad at anyone, but I really need some space and time to calm down. It's hard to have these thoughts shaved off. But, it's the way I go.

    I've also noticed some people here boosting their edits, in a non-legitimately way. Example, I see the announcements on the SOG front page, getting edited, and I go and check it out. NO CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE. If you want to edit the announcements page, at least show the things you're changing. It's just greedy to appare…

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  • WildViper009

    Well, I am gone for a while, going on holiday for a week! So, I will see you guys and gals soon!

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