Hello everyone out there in internet land.  Well..I'm not really one for keeping a blog or anything. So please don't think this thing will updated and what not. Well hmm *thinks* I like to rp, but I'm really really rusty. I like storyline based rps with no chacater sheets. I love horror moives, anime, and games of any kind. Though I prefure Hidden Object games. At this time I have no PS or Xbox anything. So PC will have to due for now. *thinks more* I like to write when I get inspried to do so; which rare now a days or rather the time being.

I do color manga scans for my friends and as a hobby. Please have a look around at my Gallery ^^

Manga Colorings

However I would like to put this as a disclamer: I am not the best editor out there. I can point you to others who are far better than me. I only like bare bones basics and thats all, without the help of taking actual classes.

However if you would like a scan, I'll be more than happy to color one for you. Just remember the following:

1. Make sure the scan is big. The bigger the better. I can't do small scans very well if at all.

2. No very heavy shadeing or tons of detail. if its too heavly shaded chances are I will not be able to clean it up well. If it has too much detail I'll have a hard time telling what's what.

3. Little to no writeing. If it has too much writeing I most likely wont be able to remove it.

4. Make sure you tell me how you want it colored. This goes for hair, eyes, clothing, ect. I can try to do tats and verous other effects. No perceings though.

5. I can't do anything outside of what I know. That means if you want the picture to have flashing text or something that is way out of my leage. I am very sorry in advance for that.

6. Background and name. I have a very wide aray of brushes, stile effects, ect at my finger tips. This goes along with rule 4. If you can't think of anything say so. I will go hog wild XD

So there ya have it fokes. Thats all for now I guess.

"Until next time remember, no mystery is closed to an opened mind"

~Tim White, Sightings~

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