You said it would be just a game,

So I sat down next to you. 

Your my friend, for I love you. 

Why would you do this to me? 

You tell me to close my eyes, blinded by your friendly voice. 

Blinded by our past friendship, but most of all blinded by being naive. 

"Close your eyes for me baby " Is what you say. 

As you tie me up, and say you will kill my family if I try to fight. 

Holding up a silver blade, for now it's time to trade souls. 

My soul becomes black with hate as I ask him, 

" Do you still love me baby? " I said, with a looming anger. 

Trapped under your grasp, a prisoner to your darkest deepest desires. 

Pulling me with your little rope like I'm a lost pet. 

Touching in places, not meant to be touched. 

I was so confused... You filthy bastard! I hate you! 

As you come up with your hand stroking my arms , stroking my hair. 

I try to run away but I stumble in the darkness.  

Struggling to take off the blind fold. 

I cry in the darkness, which are tears ignored. 

"I love you" he says, as he lays a kiss with his dirty mouth. 

That's what you say now... But when you don't need me you call me a "bitch, whore, ugly, fat and weird" 

As I take up my own knife and say "I loved you"

With blood dripping off my hand, who was the real victim here you bastard?

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