The boy awoke to the sound of screams and clashing metal. He looked outside the window of his room and watched the skirmish below. The scent of sweat and blood poisoned the air that surrounded the battle while the corpses of the fallen littered the streets of the small town.

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Every man in the country had gone into the fray, leaving their wives and children behind. The fathers had trained hard and fought valiantly, all with the fear of death gripping them. Their families hid inside of homes and buildings, praying to their gods that their husbands and fathers would return safely.

This routine was nothing new. War had ridden the country for years. Many young children had even come to conclusion that all that life had to offer was a chance to die at the hands of fellow men. This particular boy was of the new generation. He had lost his father in battle, just like many other boys and girls in his country.

The war had started from the uniting of two nations. The boy's country was attempting to join with its neighboring nation. However, their different political ideas shattered all hope of such a unity. The countries, which both grew greedy about more land and people to govern, declared war on one another.

Over the next three years they fought until the boy's country successfully usurped the others government. They then created a new system of leadership with nothing but peace in mind.

Its been two years since the end of the war. The boy left his home and walked down his town's dirt road toward a building. Inside the boy came across another boy of the same age.

"Hey Red," Blue said, "Gramps isn't here right now."

Dustyfootwarrior (talk) 17:52, September 18, 2013 (UTC)

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This is my mindfuck video game series. Want to read more? Well, here you go!






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