War That Never Ended - ShortPasta Edit

Ever since my grandfather’s time a rumor spread about our town being used as an execution ground, they say Italian soldiers would bury alive traitor that tells the Austrian about the locations and information, but they stopped when Italian troops penetrated the Piave Rver.

People reported seeing a lot of footprints packed together going off to only one direction, which was towards the military base camp that was demolished years ago. They said it we’re just the kids making fun of adults so they wouldn’t go to their playgrounds, that was until one night, a villager wandered off into a hill to take water from the well and saw a group of people which seemed to be wandering around aimlessly. The day after that, the villager quickly reported about the things he saw, the people wouldn’t believe him and considered him mad, thinking he was imagining things.

I’ve been researching for a lot of time in all those 8 years, I’ve manage to know that an awful lot of soldiers we’re actually buried there.

A day later, there was a rebel attack so soldiers we’re forced to go there for civil protection, two soldiers wandered off into the place where a lot of sightings happened, the next time they we’re seen was when they we’re digging a random spot on the ground and that they seemed to be in three.

When villagers went to check what they dug, they we’re shocked as they saw tons of human bones in a position seemingly asking for help. Then, the soldiers were never seen nor spoken of ever again.

-Only had 15 minutes to write and think of this one since my friend dared me to come up with one.

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