I bring you this story not to scare you, but to let you know of this man's struggles as he's always trying to warn us of the dangers out there.

And so our story begins...Edit

Once again, he's woken up in a cold sweat. He curses the nightmares he's had to experience over and over again the night before. Slowly, he gets himself ready to tackle the day. He plays some calm and relaxing music as he gets himself showered and dressed, doing everything he can to keep himself from breaking down.

"Remember, I have to keep doing this for the sake of everyone..." He says softly to himself, "I have to keep them aware. But I can't cause a panic." He keeps talking to himself as he walks into the room containing his computer. He stares it down as if it were his long time rival. Quickly the man makes his way to the device, sitting down on the familiar chair. He pulls up his regular sites and programs, trying his best to recall some of his dreams from the earlier night.

His dreams told him of the truth. Of the demons that lurk inside the most trusted of things. These demons disguise themselves as something harmless, but end up hurting everyone around them. The survivors who try and share their stories about these kinds of events a generally just shot down as being fake. This is why his dreams exist. They show him the stories that no one else believes.

After remembering a few select dreams, he plays some games to calm his nerves once again. This process may very well go on for hours or possibly just a few minutes before he feels ready enough to present the stories to the public. He takes in a deep breath, the images of people being torn apart, maimed, murdered, and generally destroyed never leaving his head. He's always reminded of the constant state of torment his mind remains in. The only thing that ever keeps him going anymore is knowing that he's helping save the souls of the innocent by warning them of what's to come.

The man finally was able to keep himself under control despite everything going on inside his head. He looks at his computer and prepares it, turning on his camera and smiling. Reminding himself that he still needs to make it appear fake enough so he doesn't cause a panic.

"Hello guys and gals! Welcome to another episode of 'Haunted Gaming'."

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