Come right in don't be shy.

Please don't cry. 

Just have a seat and enjoy the show. 

Watch this monster climb up your legs and stroke your sweet little face. 

Step inside our dark tents. 

Step inside this big mirror. 

As you see your big brother reaching up to you. 

And pulling you down. 

As he screams in your ear " help me! " 

As you turn away with your thick row of razor sharp teeth. 

With that thick smile on your face. 

With a thick grin on your face  you say " Big brother welcome to the freak show" 

As you let go of his hand and he falls with closed eyes into a black tent. 

As you awake to your hellish reality. 

And remember the phone call from the other day that said " your big brother is dead now" 

With a thick frown you take a knife and throw it a mirror and scream " welcome to the freak show!"

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