Here's another micro sized, spur of a moment, creepypasta for all you CTaholics. Enjoy!


It is common knowledge within the paranormal community that when a person dies from a traumatic or premature occurance, he or she will come back on Earth as a spirit. Even then, that person may become one of two spirits in that time. One type of spirit are those who have their souls in tact, and thus become intelligent spirits. Alternatively, there are those who do not have their souls, and thus become residual ghosts.

However, it has become clear to some this one eerie question that everyone must ask themselves. What if we are the ghosts who are unknowingly, residually haunting places where we used to live when we were alive. What if those "ghosts" that we haunt are really trying to find us. It is impossible to prove or disprove this theory brought up by some memebers of the paranormal community. But next time you think that you are experiencing deja vu, maybe you really are.

Just some food for thought...

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