Me and my friend Colton were having a drink one evening at  local bar. We haven't met after second year of college so we had a lot of catching up to do. about 20 mintues into the conversation, Colton asked me a question.

"So what is your biggest fear?" He asked,

"Huh?" I responded in a daze. the alcohol effect was kicking in.

"I asked you if are you sacred of anything." He said

"My fear, huh......" I thought about a moment. I looked back at my life so far, but nothing seemed come up.

"Nothing I guess. I might have not founded yet" I said

"Oh come on. Then let me ask you this; what do you think will scare you the most?" He asked me again.

I thought about it for a moment. Ghost? no...... Bugs? I love bugs! Darkness? I need darkness to sleep. Failures? Failures always brought me successes afterwards.... Then, I finally realized what could scare me the most.

"Oh my god, Colton, I just realized what could scare me the most!" I answered

"Well, what is it?" He asked me

"I think I will need your help in visualizing it. Let's go!" I told him as I got up from the seat. 

After paying for the drink, I took Colton to a remote forrest on my truck. As we got off and turned off the headlight, everlasting darkness of the night srrounded us.

"Okay, why are we here? Are you going to be scared when I leave you alone or somethi-"

  • Klang!*

I hit the back of his head with a shovel. He fell on the ground. I kept hitting him until he was not moving.

"Colton, my biggest fear is, killing you then be hunted by the authorities and living with a guilt. And you helped me by letting me kill you. Thanks" I said in a cold voice. I began digging a hole. I needed to hide the body. Already the fear was settling in, perfectly matching the dark of the night.

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