It is all just a game. All just a game where one can either win fortune, or meet a terrible fate. Two people, one wheel, one hand to spin the wheel, and look at it go... It's almost sad how someone is as foolish as daring to spin a wheel which could cause them great misfortune, but takes the risk just for the chance of getting fortune. Who knows? Maybe you could even lose your soul if the wheel of faith ended making you lose your soul to the daedra. You see, the daedra loves this gamebecause they might get some free souls for themselves. 

It sounds fun, but not when you end up losing your goddamned soul to the daedra, then it is not so fun anymore, now is it? It's like playing russian roulette, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. It's the same principal, as both can end up taking your life if you're unfortunate. I'll tell you this: If the fortune or misfortune doesn't happen right away, it will happen, because your fate can't be stopped once you've spun the wheel, and the happen you anyone you adore, your familly, your friends, your pet or pets if you have multiple, so be wary with taking that risk, or face the dreaded consequences which may fall upon you or the ones you adore the most.  

It wasn't made by the Daedra, either, it was made by mortals and their ignorance, greed for money, and envy of other people's belongings. That was the way the Wheel of Faith was formed, and there are still so many people daring to challenge their faith. Fools, I say, one shouldn't challenge one's faith, as that could be a chance for Daedra to get a new soul or two to have fun with. But why not try it out for yourself, young lad or lass? You may be lucky and get alot of fortune, or your soul will end up as the toy of the Daedra. But nothing stops you, so spin the wheel and seal your fate.

If you wonder who I am, You only need to know this: I do so love dealing with mortals. Don't you agree, Dovahkiin?

BeastJam (talk) 18:38, April 10, 2014 (UTC)

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