It all happen when once came. We all tried to sleep at night, but the scratching sound in our walls kept us up.  Constantly, and Constantly. It just wouldn't stop. A few days later we had to run away, and seek new shelter. I ran by myself to look for another home. The place was fill with darkness and a horrible smell.

The following night I woke up to a giggling sound. An odd fellow with a silly hat woke me up. It sounded like he was trying to rap, but all he could do was giggles while staring at me. Scared I ran once again. The next night I found a small place to stay, but the screeching, and loud bangs just kept coming outside my walls. The next day I awoke at night, and my roof was gone. I could still hear  the screeching sound just a few miles away. I just kept running and running. Eventually I met up with the other homeless, and they were listening to an odd fellow whom promised us that our homes will be fix. He  was covered in fur and had a oddly long mustache.

Some of the townspeople or should I say homeless follow the strange man. I didn't. I kept walking for a few days by myself until I heard the giggling again. I kept running and running, but it just kept getting closer. A few times at night I would dream of being in a office instructing some engineers. The dreams  became constant each night. As always afraid of the roar from far away; I kept running. Then I ran into the strange fellow with the hat. He asked me "Where are you going?". Since the fog took almost everything away I replied "I don't know, but I got to get away from that sound". With a giggle, and grim smile he banish. The next time I slept I had the same dream. I wondered if I was going insane. After a few miles of walking and getting myself awake I saw a building that was hiring people. I told myself "The way this land is. Might as well start working".

So I went inside. Surprisingly the workers met me with such gladness, and fondness. The secretary of the building instructed me into this very nice cozy room with a TV, and a bunch of papers about making clothes out of leaves. They never told me at what time I had to get out. Most noticeable they seem to be afraid of me when I walked around. Night came, and I ask the secretary if it was OK if I slept in my office since I had nowhere else to go. With a frightened face she didn't object. I said "Very well. Have a nice night ma'am". My nightmares got  worse; I saw this horrible man destroying my home, and I kept telling myself "This will happen only once in my dreams." The next  time woke up I was greeted by my dear secretary with a cheerio, and  I went to the balcony, and the multitude shouted "Long Live the The Once-ler"

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