For every beginning, there is an ending; for every fire, ash. For every life, a death. It is how our universe works. Why? Who knows? No one here does. No one back where you're from does either.

So, you may be wondering where exactly you are. This place isn't your home, you hopefully noticed. Don't worry, most of us react similarly to you when we first arrive- most of us don't realize we're dead.

Go ahead, stop breathing, stab yourself, try to die. You can't. Even if you could, it wouldn't work. Quite a few of us try it. We don't want to accept we're dead.

Now don't worry, you won't be trapped here forever. We all disappear after 333 days. Between now and then, however, you slowly forget everything about your mortal life. Your last few days here, you won't remember anything before you arrived here. It... it's kinda saddening, really. You try to hold onto your memories, but they keep slipping through your fingers. I'm to the point where the only things can remember are the names of my children, and my death. Pretty bad father, huh?

What? What happens after we fade away? No one knows. Some of us think we're transported to the afterlife, which would be ironic if such a thing were to happen- I mean, why erase the memories first? Sorry, sorry, getting off track. Others think we either are reincarnated as the next person to be born, or we fade away completely.

Do you remember your death? Think hard. Don't worry if you don't, a lot of us don't. Only those of us who were completely conscious remember it, really. Me? How'd I expire? I was shot in an attempted robbery. That's all I remember. Caught in the crossfire.

Well, now that we're acquainted, what do you say we go? There's much to see here, beautiful place, really. What do they call this place? And why do I repeat everything you ask me? Well, the answer to your first question is Purgatory, and the answer to the second is because I'm starting to get hard of hearing. We all do, after a while.

Author's NoteEdit

I promised myself I'd never write again for the public, but boy, am I bad at keeping my promises.

Also worth noting, this isn't meant to be scary or spooky at all.

~ Kiyoshi 05:04, July 11, 2016 (UTC)

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