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 Notes and plot points for Creepypasta, "Pokemon Slimy Red"

   For my eyes only ;D

~Timmeh the Tim

    Set 1:

-Main character needs to be wary but curious

-Avoid cliches

-Pokemon on team: Snorlax, Magikarp (!), Pikachu, Bulbasaur

-Maybe funny, a bit? Not trollpasta.


     Set 7:

-Meticulous plot involving the main character's desires and needs, as he cannot leave behind his "game".


-Team of well EV trained Pokemon, with perfect IV's, from years of practice and breeding


   Set 14:








  Set 15:

-I cannot stop planning. I cannot stop being dedicated. I must finish this. This is my child. I cannot leave it.

-It wants me.


 Set 33:

-They cannot stop me from writing this.

-They cannot stop me from writing.

-They cannot stop me.

-They cannot  

-They cannot  

-They cannot  

-They cannot    

-Let them try.


   Set 35:

   -They tried to take me from you. They're dead.

-All of them, they're dead.

-They're dead. I have you, and you alone now.

-I love you.

   Set 76:

-Oh god what have I done? Why can't I stop writing? I haven't eaten in days!

-Help me!


    Set 84:

-My fingers are bleeding

-I love you

-Don't leave me

-Please don't go

-Please don't

- Please

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