Last weekend, I went onto my favorite chat room. My friends and I were there and my friend said he found a new horror game called "World Of Nightmares" as he went to play it we were just chatting about school and stuff and then he starts typing. He said "HELP.". We didn't know what to do so we just went over to his house because we are friends I guess. When we went there we asked his mom if she knew where she is and she said "He was just playing his horror games. He likes to be scared. I don't understand them but as long as hes having fun. He must have been playing a good one cause I just heard him scream and he hasn't made a noise since." We asked if she has checked on him. She said no. We said why don't we go do that? We then went upstairs and we saw the most shocking thing we have ever seen. His mom fainted. There on the floor was a knife and his body in a body bag. We didn't know what was happening the only thing we knew is that we needed to investigate.

Later that day his father was calling for his mother because he needed to talk to her about getting a job. He looked all over for her and she almost thought that she was bringing Jason (our friend) to the school fair until he saw a large body bag with her mother, Jason and a bloody knife. While crying over the bodies he saw for a split second in the mirror a figure. He then was killed and put into the body bag.

Me and my friends were then walking around the school fair looking for someone suspicious. We thought if he was a child killer he was obviously going to be somewhere around the school fair. All the kids in town went there when it was the night. But we thought we would take a little break and go on the carousel. Without thinking about the dangers that lied ahead.....


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