I have only ever done weed and I hang around with a bunch of people who also smoke and it is a subculture which I find very comfortable to be part of. I have been doing weed for about 3 years now and I am 22 years old and we always ‘chill’ in whatever space we can find and we have weird and unusual conversations while being so high. I guess we don’t have a clear thought as to what we actually want to do with our lives and we all feel so lost. My two good friends who also do drugs with me and who I hang out with the most after I finish my shift at a supermarket chain called Aldi, we always look forward to just relaxing somewhere in some field or behind the MacDonald’s car park. We see parents and more mature people as you call them staring at us and not wanting their children to pick up anything bad from observing me and my two friends. Oh, my two friends Freddie and Luke, who I have known ever since I was a child. Your childhood friends always stick with you and it doesn’t matter where you are or what position you are. Your childhood friends will always know you and the connection will always be so much stronger. The sort of conversations we tend to have, I am struggling to think of one, but they are always weird when you are high out of your mind and I don’t but you feel so mellow and calm, they can be philosophical and even funny. I was smoking weed with Freddie and Luke behind the MacDonald’s car park and it was empty and it was a nice day as well.

“Hey, imagine if we see a shooting right now behind the MacDonald’s car park” Freddie randomly spoke out while high on weed

“I will still be here chilling and then I will go inside MacDonald’s and only after I order my meal, will I say that I saw a shooting” Luke replied

“What if the shooters in the car were us, but from the future” I added to the conversation while high.

“Like our future selves” Freddie replied to me finding it funny

Then in that moment a black Audi drove into the MacDonald’s car park and all three of us were looking at each other as it felt like our conversation was turning real. Freddie was like “oh shit” and Luke was like “I am going to order a burger” and my heart was actually racing and I was thinking to myself, while I was still high from the weed and looking at the mysterious black Audi that has just randomly parked in the MacDonald’s car park; it had parked in a lane closer to us. I was thinking that we should move away, but at the same time I was intrigued that I wanted to know more and I wanted to see what was actually going to happen. It could have just been a millionaire businessman randomly just drove into MacDonald’s car park and is just taking his or her time to order their food

“Dude is that our future selves in that black Audi” Luke speaks

“Hope so,” Freddie replies

Then a man gets out of the front passenger seat from the black Audi and starts walking towards us and you know that feeling you get when you can sense danger, it’s not a nice feeling. We were disappointed that it wasn’t our future selves, but the man wore a smart grey suit and had a presentable smile, obviously he was one of those smart business types. He came up to us and he said hello to us and he had the nicest voice I have ever heard and he was very polite and sounded so kind. At the same time as he was just randomly speaking about what we do he seemed to have this nice guy act going on really well and he hit it off with all of us. We actually gave him some free weed and he started to smoke with us, there were some other guys and Freddie asked about the other guys still in the black Audi and the smartly suited up man simply replied “they are not so sociable” and we smoked for a while and we were just joking around and making up funny comments. “I am so high if anyone killed my mother, I’d still be like it’s ok man, it's ok man, my mom left me something to eat in the fridge so I won’t go hungry so everything is alright” Luke trying to make dark jokes about his mother being murdered.

Then the stranger and none of us still not knowing his name changed the direction of the conversation and he was quite good at changing the direction of conversations. He was really good at controlling the conversation as to what he wanted to talk about and nobody really questioned even me, because he had this look like he knew what he was talking about and as his nice aura we all enjoyed listening to him and he seem to like us and vice versa. He started talking about some place a secret club of some kind and they have this new drug, obviously illegal and you had to pay. Unlike weed you couldn’t just buy it and go wherever you wanted to go, but you had to go to a certain place which was this secret club or venue and this drug he was talking about, it was called the ‘Worship Me drug’ and this stranger started to now struggle to try and explain what this ‘Worship Me’ drug is all about. Me and my two friends were definitely interested and it sounded exciting. Me, Freddie and Luke we have been out clubbing and partying and have a few stories to tell here and there and this you can say was a notch up from all of that. From what I could gather the Worship Me drug is a small tablet which you take and it will make you feel like a god and you will have a strong urge to be worshiped, then he assured us that there are actual people that will actually worship when you are under the ‘spell’ in a sense from this drug. Our minds were already high and this was sounding better and better and to experience something new and exciting in a secret venue, well, we were all agreeing to do this and to come along. Freddie was excited and the three of us being long time friends, we had to do it together as the experience is only better when you have other people to share it with. The stranger then gave us a card which was our invitation into the building and it was in the middle of the town center and we only had to get a tram to the town center and that made it even better for us as the travel there was easy to get to. The strange man then hugged us and respecting us and this was all happening behind the MacDonald’s car park and we were all joking and saying things like “usually when your next to MacDonald’s you get a burger and some fries not to some secret place event to try a new drug” and the stranger then left us and he went back into the Audi and they drove off. Me and my two friends were invited to go on a Saturday to the secret held event where all three of us would try this new Worship Me drug.

We were walking home now, and we were just talking about it and even I was excited and I couldn’t wait to experience this with the two best childhood friends of mine. None of us had any girlfriends at the time and we have had relationships, but they always failed as you can guess. We talked about that stranger and we started saying things how he was maybe a dark horse and behind his nice manner; maybe some kind of murderer or vicious criminal and I mean it is always the nicest ones who hold back their true selves. We started making jokes about the new drug and we were all just assuming that it might be just another form of drug which makes you high and hallucinate and make you think deeply about things. We were also told that we would have to pay a £100 each to enter and the drugs will be given to us and the people, never in our lives had we needed people to do a drug, I mean you can do drugs together in a group but for this drug to work you need people to come with it.

Anyhow, we were all excited any way and Saturday couldn’t come nay earlier and we all wore something nice and wore perfume and as we were walking towards the tram we were checking out women and complimenting them as guys do, we were just joking around again. Nothing like hanging about with your two best friends on a Saturday night and just going into town and it seemed like a busy Saturday and the trams seemed pretty full but we all squeezed through anyhow. On the tram we were just so excited to get off and we could hold off our excitement and other grumpy people on the tram were looking at us weirdly. Finally, as we got to the center and we decided we were still quite early and we would walk around and go to some bars first to drink a few pints. The football was on and we were just enjoying ourselves, then we decided to make our way to the secret place and I knocked on first. We showed the body guard our invitations and he let us inside the secret venue. For a secret venue it was quite fancy and it was well decorated and we took our seats on the comfortable sofa and were given some free beverages to drink. That nice man who came up to us behind the MacDonald’s car park shook our hands and was delighted to see us. He told us to wait for a while and we responded kindly and then we saw other people coming in through the door who have been invited to this secret event to try out this new Worship Me drug. There was definitely enough space and everyone there had tried some sort of drug and we quickly all became friends and we talked about drugs basically and we laughed about things and the scenes as well as about chilling and finding space.

Then a different man came to all of us and told us to go into the main room and the main room was like the size of an opera house, but it had no chairs and no furniture it was just empty space. Then through another door all of us here trying out this drug saw a group of depressed looking individuals brought out in threes. I am not sure how many people were here to test out this new Worship Me drug, but we each had three strangers kneeling down at us now. It was the strangest moment of all of our lives. Then we were given the tablets and I swallowed mine while drinking from my bottle of water to make the tablet go down easier. I started to feel mellow and calm and things started to shake a little and I started to hear voices and I started seeing things weird shaped things all around me. Then I had something telling me the “you are a God” over and over again and I then felt powerful and amazing and the three people bowing down in front of me started to Worship Me and their worship gave me the most orgasmic feeling I have ever felt before. I needed more of this and I became angry and I started to viciously shout at them to Worship Me more and to Worship Me better, they started to cry but I didn’t care at all. Me and my friends found ourselves asleep on the floor and we were given water as our throats were dry and as we got out and it was late night now, the fresh air felt good and all three of us were laughing and we were all overly excited. We couldn’t believe what we had just experienced and it was amazing the most amazing feeling all three of us have ever felt. We got a taxi home and we all went to bed. The next day recovering from the night before we all decided to go to the MacDonald’s to grab some breakfast from there and we were still talking about it and we all wanted to do it again. We had the phone number to that guy who invited us first and he picked up his phone as we called him and he invited us again and he will send us new invitations through the post. We had to pay £100 each to try out the drug and it was worth it at the time.

The next Saturday came round again and me and my two friends hopped onto the tram and we went to the town center. We went to some of the bars first drinking a few and we were just enjoying ourselves as usual. We didn’t really question any side effect from this new drug as we had this hunger to feel the same feeling again we had gotten from the Worship Me drug. We went round the town center, just joking around and whistling at women as they went past and if we saw some awesome cars we would shout out loud for a honk, it was just guys acting like guys really. I mean this was life and after working for a week you need to have some fun and enjoy yourselves, we were all young and full of life and looking for new adventures to venture in and find new experiences. Our parents didn’t really like or really wanted to know what we had got up to but still we did what we thought was fun.

We knocked on the door and we showed our new invitation which we received through the post and we entered into the building and we saw most of the same guys that came last time. We all joked and hugged each other and were all excited to be here again. We paid for the drugs and we went into the main area and then we were each once again given three people who always looked sad and depressed and they always kneeled before all of us. At the time we didn’t really care, frankly about the identity of these people kneeling were and why they looked so sad and we were all sure they got paid well. Then we took the tablet and the drug effected us immediately and I had this insatiable hunger for needing to be worshiped. I started to shout at the people kneeling and they started to Worship Me and I felt amazing as their worship gave me so much peace and I could feel it through my veins, it was orgasmic and I felt so powerful and immortal.

Then we were awoken and this time it was only a small percentage of us who were happy and I was happy, but my two friends looked really rough and I was a happy go lucky type of guy, while my two friends looked so horrendously depressed and sad. I tried joking around with them as we were walking around late at night in the town center, but they weren’t saying much and they just wanted to go home. The next day both of my friends weren’t really picking up my calls and their parents said they felt off and I decided to maybe lay off the drugs for a month. A month turned into three months and I heard nothing from my friends and anyway, I was busy with work and I did a lot of extra shifts which made the three months go fast, I then found out when I knocked on for Freddie and Luke that they had gone somewhere, as their parents had told me. They weren’t sure as to where but I knew where they went, I called up the man who we all just called Dave, who brought us into this world of Worship Me drug and he gave me a new invitation through the post a week later.

I turned up at the event and there were new people here now who I have never seen before and we all got along well and we paid our bill first. We then got taken into the main hall and then the other people came out, who were going to kneel and before my eyes to my horror, the kneeling people had changed and there was Luke and Freddie so depressed and sad and they were kneeling before another male. I had been given new people who were to be kneeling in front of me to worship me and I had seen them before, they came to this even the first time me and my two best friends came to this event. I tried shouting out to Freddie and Luke, but I was told by the bodyguard to shut up and to swallow the tablet and I did as i felt intimidated and when I awoke from my drug adventures; I tried finding Luke and Freddie but was thrown out of the place by the bodyguard. The people kneeling in front of the drug users that night were the group from before who came with me and my two best friends.

I tried knocking on their house and thank god Luke answered his door as Freddie was clearly trying to ignore me, but I could see him through his bedroom window and we both talked about what was going on. Luke told me the drug made the both of them constantly hear something shouting out to them to “Worship Me” and it got stronger and stronger from that second night and they contacted the secret event and they were told that the only cure to control the voices was to be a person who kneeled before the drug users. It does help with the voices, but it’s also still a problem and they do get paid but that is not the case.

They have been threatened about going to the authorities and when I went home that day, I started hearing voices myself and the voice was saying to me over and over again to “Worship Me”

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