It isn't easy, being related to a celebrity. It always goes one of two ways: Either you're able to leech off of their success and become famous in your own right, or have your identity become nothing. Your name almost forgotten, and you end up developing a deep hatred of your relative. My brother is famous, and I've been left in the dust for quite some time. I've tried to be a good person just like him, but no one cared, no one appreciated it. And it's rare to find as many opportunities that have come along for as many that have come along for him. I hate him now. I really, really, hate him. And there isn't much I can do about it. If I killed him, I'd probably go to jail for life, or execution. If I ran away, changed my name and got plastic surgery, no one would care. I don't think I have another option, but it's my last resort. I can't handle being worthless anymore.

This was the note left behind by the individual later found by his brother.

"If anyone takes the time to read this, I won't be surprised, but if anyone gives a shit I will be surprised. If my brother is reading this, I want to tell him that this isn't all his fault, it is society's for not giving respect to an individual. Also, to the medical department, you will find my body out by the shore of Front Harlow beach. I may be mangled by fish, or the pure impact from the water ( after I have jumped ) shattering my bones and not allowing me swim to safety, but to drown. My brother became famous from crushing skulls and murdering. I have done actual good, but it doesn't matter. For I am worthless, and this world no longer needs me. Goodbye"

His body was found by Front Harlow shore six hours after the note was discovered by his brother. The funeral will be held on March 3rd of this week. The location will be outside of the land's ruler's castle. Many attended the funeral and his brother had control of what was written on his tombstone.

Luigi D. Mario


A Loving Brother

Anything But Worthless

EmbodimentOfEvil13 (talk)

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