In hell 16 9 by uriy1966-d49b6q7

Hell in my eyes, is a volcanic nightmare.

The wind howls a cold laugh to me,

For all I see is thee,

I see souls of sinners that died,

And demons of people who fried ---

--- In volcanoes,

Satan laughs at his post,

Laughing in his throne, boasting boast by boast,

Green lava spews from everywhere,

And, well, there's lots of hair...

If you're guessing now, don't look back,

If you look, something, some demon, will attack,

No one will hear you scream,

Jacob Emory's tomb will gleam,

Funnymouth laughs and laughs,

And Erebus silences him after that,

Taratarus sucks up lost souls ---

--- Ferried by Charon who wants to eat ghouls,

After Jeff's had his laugh,

Demons fly by on aircraft,

Stalactites hang from ceiling,

Giving you an uneasy feeling ---

--- Like one that's sucking your soul out,

Beasts that will suck out your soul... they wanna suck it out now,

Quetzalcoalt bathes in sound,

And giant caterpillars are on the ground,

You look around, you're stuck in Hell,

It might be the bottom of a well,

But --- it doesn't look like the bottom of a well,

It looks more like Hell...

Then you look at your bottom and there you see,

You're missing your legs and floating in the air...

You scream for your mom, you scream for your dad,

But every one else laughs,

They tell you how you died, laugh in your face, and and howl,

You close your eyes to total darkness, open them up, and there you are...

You're actually in Hell, you weren't dreaming at all, you whore!

You died young, only 9 years old,

You see, real life is a dream untold,

Hell or Heaven is real life will unfold,

And you, you'll realize with a laugh,

That you're here, forever, you'll face my fiery wrath!

Love and kisses, you'll join me soon, Mwahahaheheh,

-Ahpuch, The Mayan God of Hell

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