Sleep my children, dream my children, rest my children, in the star-shine


Sleep little children, living your sweven

Wishing you fortune, in the darkness that enshrouds you

Hush little children, you aren't forsaken

Those evil beasts won't take you away


I'm always watching, for you I'm aiming

At night I'm banging, breaking through the doors that shield you

Watching your parents, dreading my presence

Praying to god to save their vile lives


Shouting and crying, suffer agonies

Slowly they're dying, by my fell hands

Wishes are fading, dreams are destroyed

Their last thoughts directed to you, remembering your sweet voice


Sleep little children, hold back your weeping

Better stop wailing, creaking as I open the door

Show me your faces, and what them graces

Just wishing to see your lovely smile


Breaking and bruising, beg for the ending

Oh naive children, embrace my gift

Your cheeks so crimson, deathless your smile

I leave you-u now to your peaceful and everlasting dreams


Hush little children, dream little children

Never fear; you are next.

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