I had stood just watching you for so long mother. After the dead should have perished you brought them back. You defied the laws of all existence, but you never paid. I stood there and watched you breathe into their souls and bring them back, without even the slightest bit of sympathy for their emotions which they so childishly cherished. Your outer shell was full of beauty, but your inside was rotten to the core, of which had almost dissipated into darkness. You created death, but you were the only one causing more pain.

I thought of all the awful things you’d done as the lurching building moaned in the cold breeze. You went from cadaver to cadaver, releasing your poisonous powers into them. I watched you from the darkness of my hood as I felt a copious amount of anger surge through. Anger was something that I hadn’t felt in years, but thanks to you I finally felt again and it twisted my stomach into a knot.

I kept holding myself back, until I saw you make lean down beside a small boy whose skull was fractured, dripping what was left of his bodily fluids, and leaning up against a large concrete pillar that was just barely supporting the roof above us. I was able to control myself until that very moment. I wouldn’t let you do it. I couldn’t. As the bodies began to spring back up from the hard concrete floor, I reached into my large cloak which covered my entire body in darkness and pulled out a staff made of my old, human bones with a massive crescent-shaped blade on the end.

I didn’t even give you a warning before I charged at you, mother Life.

Author's NoteEdit

This is a teaser for the novel I have just began. Tell me if it sounds good so far! :D

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