Have you ever wanted a pet, but could never keep one in your house? Well this ritual is for you.

You will need the following:

-A piece of paper

-A pencil

-A Desert

-A box of matches

Step one-Head to the desert you have choosen

Step two-Draw what your sandworm looks like on the paper

Step three-Give your sandworm a name, write it on the paper

Step four-Place the drawing on the sand of the desert

Step five-Poke your finger with the pencil until it is bleeding

Step six-Light the drawing on fire and let a drop of your blood fall into the flames

If you did this correctly you will feel slight vibrations under you. If you feel the vibrations then you have your own sandworm who will do whatever you say. But there are rules of course. You cannot make your sandworm break any laws, harm any person, and you must never bleed in a desert. Having your blood touch the desert sand will result in your sandworm turning corrupt and destroying its owner. You also can only show your sandworm to others who own a sandworm of their own.

You must follow all these rules for breaking any will result in your death. Only do this ritual if you really want a pet.


Written by: Gamesitegames

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