Before you read this, please don't call me a copy cat or say: "Hey, this dude just copies Creepypastas... Be more original!" this is just a parody.

I just found a USB on the sidewalk while taking my Saturday walk.It was labeled "ZELDA 1" in all capitals.I took it home and put it in my PC and hoped it would work which it did...but then it all happend. The title screen looked demonic.It was all red and instead of saying copyright Nintendo 1996 it said copyright Nintendo 666.I was scared but i kept going.On the save file menu there was 1 file:"Thomas" so i selected it.It took me to the over world and everything was normal.So i thought the title screen was hacked and continued.When i beat the first dungeon instead of the triforce piece there was a red glitching link sprite which kept flickering.I went at it and the screen turned black.The screen then kept flashing a image of that red glitched link along with a bunch of sound effects playing in the background.And then the PC blue screened and shut off.I turned it back on and instead of my wallpaper being majora's mask 3D it was the title screen.I saw a file called "ZELDA.EXE" and i opened it.The file booted up the game and i was in the over world with the white sword.When i checked the inventory i had everything.But the over world was weird.It had Only ground no hills,trees etc.I walked into another screen and i saw the glitched red link again.When i touched him the screen turned black again and then the screen flashed dark and light red.Then text appeard.It said:"The new dawn will rise.Join me".This scared the game communicating with me? Why? Who is Thomas? What happend to him?All this questions remain unanswered.I took the USB and threw it in the trash.Since then i could always hear "Join me" from far away.


How the USB looked like


How the title screen looked like