So that morning I had woken up and logged onto my favorite chatroom. I made quite a few friends on there and for the most part, our room was pretty much private. On this particular morning a new member to the chatroom had come online. We all gave him a welcome and continued our conversation. The new member had then created a name for his user ID. “ZimGuy202.” The chat went on for a few more hours and we changed topics. Once the majority of the chat users went offline, we decided to play a few rounds of this online trivia game we loved to play. The game consisted of five rounds. Each had a different category. After a few hours in the trivia game we continued to write in our chat. At this point Zim had stopped talking, figuring he was doing something, we all continued the chat.

In the middle of the conversation, Zim had joined back in, he wrote “I’M LOST.”

“What?” I wrote.

There was something about the vagueness when he said it. It occurred to me that he might have been confused about something in the chat room.

He then replied with one of the scariest things I had read in my life, “THERE’S NO ONE LEFT TO HELP US."

It was then that I noticed that none of the other chatroom members were replying. It was just me and him.

The light over me dimmed and the room was starting to give me an uneasy feeling. I clicked the exit button, I wasn’t going to deal with this. The exit button denied me, and Zim had now written out a new phrase, “PLEASE STAY.”

“What do you want from me?” I cried out.“PLEASE BE MY FRIEND.” He instantly replied.

Ironically, I wanted to be anything but this kid’s friend. Everything seemed so unbelievable. As I didn’t want to carry on with this, I tried other methods of shutting off my computer. The power button, “CTRL-ALT-DELETE” and even unplugging the computer didn’t do a thing.

“What is going on here, please explain this to me.” I typed out slowly.


This whole thing is so messed up. I went downstairs to grab a carton of orange juice. Things were becoming insane and I needed to take a break.

When I walked back upstairs to check out the computer again, it popped up the trivia window as before.

It questioned me if “I was ready for this?”

I obviously had zero idea of what this meant and clicked the button labeled yes.

My computer shut off. I looked behind me as I looked into opaque color. I fell back into the empty void.

EpicMission (talk) 03:37, March 10, 2014 (UTC)

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