Audio Log #1: Oh, great Lord Zoladoth, Lord of pain and death, please take my sacrifice of flesh and blood as a show of my faith.

Audio Log  #2: The pain... is good. I like the pain. Funny how my arm looks with no skin.

Audio Log #3: My flesh, it burns for you. Fire consumes my flesh, and the smoke rises to you. I know I am not worthy in your eyes, but I'm trying to get better, better with my pain.

Audio Log #4: No food for six days. Blood, blood smells good. I can taste the iron in the air... Iike it.

Audio Log #5: Just a bite, that's all I need, one bite of flesh and I'll be right as rain.

Audio Log #6: I cut my arm off. I cut it off for you Lord Zoladoth, and I thank you for the meal I'm about to eat.

Audio Log #7: Everything... is dark... so weak... so tired.

Audio Log #8: I'm... coming home Lord Zoladoth... I can feel it... my life is ending... Just one last cut... to my flesh, for you... AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

                                                          by HELLOO227

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